Episode 007 - Hakuna Matata 2022 (Creating Vision for 2022)

Season #1 Episode #7

Hello 2022 with a new year comes an opportunity for a new start. It serves as an opportunity to make new changes in our life and gives up a drive to strive towards ambitions. However, with a pandemic many of us have fallen victim to survival mode and dwelling in worry. We have experienced grief and loss in a variety of different ways. 

But you have the power to make a change and turn your mindset around. 

In this podcast I talk about the importance of aligning with your internal self and asking the necessary questions before making a commitment. 

I talk about knowing how to understand your bodies cues if it is not ready to start striving towards a goal. 

I also talk a little about my own experience of when I failed while striving for my dream because I was not ready to commit. 

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