Hi! I'm Neha


I am a 27 - year old Canadian - Indo - Fijian from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a full - time girl mama, wife and when I am not being a homemaker a full - time mental wellness coach.

My hobbies include dancing, reading, writing poetry, arts and crafts. I love being out in nature and traveling. Oh I also have an unhealthy obsession to elephants. 

I am educated in the field of social work, mental health and addictions however, my goal is to become a pediatric psychiatrist and bridge the gap between science and holistic medicine.

you can say I am an ambitious dreamer but I'm determined to my dreams a reality! 


Lets Dive A Little Deeper

As a survivor of abuse and trauma I have quite the history book. I battled clinical depression and identity crisis for a number of years. I truly believe I was an addict but not to substances or alcohol; instead an addict to find love and acceptance. 

I grew up being taught that to be an ideal woman meant that my identity was defined by the people around me. I was conditioned to believe that it was important to take into account what "everyone will think" rather than staying true to my authentic self.

These cultural norms. Destroyed me.

Self - love and self - worth were two foreign words. All I felt was emptiness inside me that I could not understand. I had this void inside of me that I felt love could fix so I found myself in a cycle of toxic behaviors. 

My Battle With Depression & Identity Crisis

My personality changed depending on who I was with. My primary focus was to make sure that I never upset the other person. My dad used to say “you are so nice you would happily watch your enemy stab you in the back.” and my dad was right. I prioritized everyone ahead of myself.  

My relationships really influenced how I saw myself in the mirror. My self - talk was extremely negative. I was my own worst enemy. 

Happiness was always temporary, I truly felt that “the world was against me.” I would get up and fall right back into my rabbit hole. There were multple occasions where I contemplated thoughts of self – harm. It felt easier to just disappear because no one would miss me.

I had high ambitions but every time I tried to leap toward it I found myself failing miserably. I went from being a girl who worked full-time and went to school full-time to dropping out of post secondary with a 1.07 GPA; unable to hold down a job.

Rock bottom became my best friend. I kept asking myself why me? Why was I so unlucky? Why did god hate me? Then after a good cry I wiped my tears and picked myself back up. However, I refused to change I just kept making excuses to enable my "bad luck" and worst of all kept finding other people to blame for how my life was.

I turned into a co-dependent and latched onto toxic relationships where the person needed me to feel worthy. 

Chaos, dysfunction, and negativity was my normal. It was honestly where I felt the safest. Crazy right?  


When It All Changed

It wasn't until I was alone in fetal position with a bottle of pills in my hand, drenched in tears that I came to the realization that I was not okay and that I needed help.

Years later after fully investing in myself and my mental health. I learned the importance of self - love, compassion and forgiveness towards myself and others. I learned to be my authentic self proudly.

I became my own powerhouse, and it was in that moment when my life turned around. I transformed my weakness into a strength.

The girl who left university with a 1.27 GPA now holds a 3.97 GPA and actively striving towards her dreams of wearing a white coat with the title Dr.  

The girl who was surrounded by abusive and toxic relationships now is happily married with a child and has learned to set healthy boundaries.  

The girl who was unable to look at herself in the mirror is now a strong, empowered woman who holds her own confidently.


Are You Still Here?


My goal as a mental wellness coach is to support your transformation and give you the confidence to fight past your fears and make your mental wellness a priority! 

Ask any questions you may have regarding coaching down below and I will contact you within 1-2 business days!